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What I learnt from Kate Spade about standing out in a crowded market

With so many businesses vying for your customer’s attention, standing out in a crowded marketplace has never been more important.

But when it comes to standing out from the masses, it’s all about the little things.

What can you do in your business to add value, to make your customer feel special, to show appreciation and reinforce that their decision to buy from you was the right decision?

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You Can Not Rush Clarity

As entrepreneurs, we’re all seeking ways to do more in less time – but there’s some things you just cant rush…

So, here’s a confession for you…I struggled for two years to ‘get clear’ on what my business was actually about and in that time I ‘tried on’ more business ideas, iterations and changes than I could even count.

Nothing felt like it was quite the right “fit”. Have you been there? That feeling where what you’re doing isn’t quite ‘aligned’ with your gifts? Or perhaps your work isn’t tapping into your true zone of genius so that you can really bring your A-game to this world?

What no-one ever tells you, is that clarity takes time & you can’t rush it….

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